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How Twitter Conversational Ads and the Instant Unlock Cards Work?


Twitter actually introduced this advertising feature back in January 2016 to some preferred advertising brands and has slowly rolled out more analytics and other features to the Twitter advertising community. These ad units are now available to all managed accounts in all markets. What are Twitter Conversational Ads: It’s a way for marketers to engage more freely and directly with their audience, these Promoted Tweets feature an important call to action buttons to use on powerful images and videos with customizable hashtags that will specifically increase customer engagement.

On conversational ads, Twitter said that one of the highlighting features for marketers would be greater earned media and engagement. “Each shared Tweet is more powerful because it will drive significantly more earned media for the brand, business at no extra cost resulting in higher ROI.”

The primary purpose of using Twitter’s conversational ads and instant unlock cards is two-fold: It encourages Twitter users to engage with the ad, and it encourages them to re-tweet the ad with their own followers.
When using such ads for your marketing campaign on Twitter, the instant unlocks cards are so useful due to their propensity for going viral. The ads in question too are usually used to engage Twitter users in two unique ways:

(1) The brand, advertiser or business sets up the conversational ad to present two teams with two particular hashtags, and then they encourage their audience to pick a team. The instant unlock card used in the ad will have two buttons with the corresponding hashtag on it, and the user can click on the particular hashtag (team) of their choice to tweet their team choice to their own followers. What happens here is that, the moment a user chooses one of the hashtags (groups) and tweets it, the business’s or advertiser’s conversational ad is re-tweeted to that user’s followers (along with that user’s hashtag tweet).

(2) The brand, merchant or business sets up their Twitter conversational ad with one hashtag on their instant unlock card. And then they encourage Twitter users to click on that hashtag button on their ad to tweet that hashtag to their own followers – in exchange for the brand revealing exclusive content (that can only be seen once the hashtag is tweeted by the user).

Since both these options also allow the users to customize their tweets if they wish (as long as they use the ad’s hashtag in their tweet), users are also able to tweet to other Twitter handles they know as well. And, in either case, such ads encourage Twitter users to not only engage with the brand but to also re-tweet the ad and thereby help make it go viral.

Even more campaign insights are available to global marketers through Brand Hub’s Watchlist feature. It allows you to see how many people are Tweeting your campaign hashtag, how many impressions your campaign earned, and check out the most important tweets. (Select US Advertisers can also track the impact conversational ads have on their True Voice score, a metric to help track share of brand conversation in real time.)

Perhaps, one of the biggest and most direct advantages of Twitter’s conversational ads for brands is the ability to engage directly with their audience. It also allows you to target and segment your audience that ensures that your call to action buttons are used by the Twitter prospects, suspects in the way you intended, in other words, it give you more control of your CTA’s. My only concern, is Twitter’s current follow and unfollow limits, so stay tuned, I am sure Twitter will work this out for their advertisers because one of Twitter’s company major initiatives is increasing monetization of the Twitter brand.

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