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On Line Reputation Management and Repair Services, (ORM) Some of the Top Search Complaint Websites


By, Thomas L. Clark Jr, Founder, President, and CEO, Charlotte Social 360 LLC

To the Charlotte Social 360 ORM blog readers, below are 31 of our favorite websites where you can check if you may have some reputation management complaints or damaging online content issues for your name, business or brand.

My company, Charlotte Social 360’s over the last nine years, has suppressed damaging videos, pictures reviews,negative press, etc. for many executives and business owners. On our website check out our campaigns for (ORM) On-Line Reputation Management services.

To be clear upfront in some cases things very, very few we can get this content removed, but in most cases, my team of 37 ORM experts will suppress this harmful, damaging content to pages 4, 5 and or 6 in all the relevant search engines.

Today, your individual, brand, companies’ reputation is so critical, we have seen sponsorships taken away, etc., let us suppress or remove if we can control this damaging content from page one, or two of Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines.

Call us or at @1+704-843-0111 or email us at tclark@charlottesocial360.com, to discuss your particular situation, all discussions are confidential; we sign NDA’s if appropriate all the time.

Take a quick check on these 31 of the most famous consumer complaint websites, community gossip sites, and public record databases for any mentions of your name or brand. Most of the time, if your name or brand is referred to by someone on any of these websites, the page will show up near the top of the search results for your name or brand.

In our experience, we have seen this damaging content stay around for years, and put reprehensible damage on your personal reputation from employment, career, etc. perspective. We have seen in some cases the data take some time to show up near the top of the search results. You could have a potential reputation management problem, and you wouldn’t necessarily know about it by just searching for your name or brand on Google or Bing, especially if the “problem page” is buried far back in the index somewhere.

When you search for your name or brand, we recommend that you try searching a few different ways to get the most comprehensive results. Search for your name or brand using quotation marks: “john doe” or “john doe’s pizza palace” etc. Do the same search without quotation marks as well? Next, you might want to try including your city or general location in the quest. Try these types of searches with and without quotation marks. For example: “john doe Springfield” or john doe spring field, “john doe’s pizza palace Charlotte” or john doe’s pizza palace Charlotte.

Below are 31 favorite complaint websites that you can check, monitor your online reputation. Although this isn’t an exhaustive or complete list. In Charlotte Social 360’s years of SEO, Reverse SEO or Online Reputation Management and repair services and (ORM) experience.

These websites below are the ones over the years that my team and I have seen most businesses, brands, etc. most damaging content. We have frequently found that most of the detrimental material is fed to the prominent search engines. i.e., Google, Bing, Baidu, Shenma, 360Search, Sogou Yahoo, etc.

1. 1.http://www.badboyreport.com
3. http://www.bustedmugshots.com
4. http://www.cheater.co
5. http://www.cheaterville.com
6. http://www.complaints.com
7. http://www.complaintsboard.com
8. http://www.consumeraffairs.com
9. http://www.consumerist.com
10. http://www.datingpsychos.com
11. http://www.epinions.com
12. http://www.glassdoor.com
13. http://www.infidelity.org
14. http://www.iripoff.com
15. http://www.jailbase.com
16. http://www.liarscheatersrus.com
17. http://www.mugshots.com
18. http://www.mugshotsusa.com
19. http://www.nationalblacklist.com
20. http://www.pissedconsumer.com
21. http://www.planetfeedback.com
2.22. http://www.playerblock.com
23. http://www.reportyourex.com
24. http://www.reviewopedia.com
25. http://www.ripoffreport.com
26. http://www.scam.com
27. http://www.scambook.com
28. http://www.shamscam.com
29. http://www.thedirty.com
30. http://www.topix.com
31. http://www.unhappyfranchisee.com
32. http://www.tmz.com
Contact Charlotte Social 360 LLC, @ tclark@charlottesocial360.com or 1+(704) 843-0111 for a complimentary, confidential consultation about your particular situation. Charlotte Social 360 has over 30 years of sales, and ten years of successful online, reputation management experience helping individuals, brands, and businesses with important reputation management situations.

Next steps we set a confidential discussion with one of our 37 ORM specialists. Then we will come back to you with a brand investment proposal that outlines deliverables, and the timeframe to remove if possible, or suppress in most cases this objectionable damaging content and push it deep into the leading online search engines.