Noah W. Roach Cancer Foundation

We thought we would only raise 5k but actually raised a little over 20k although the over goal of the foundation is to raise 75K.  Noah was born with Sickle Cell, and then to get Osteromcoma, this rare bone cancer for an 11-year-old boy, just touched my heart.

Noah is an 11year old child who is living with complications of Osteosarcoma (bone cancer) and Sickle Cell Disease.  Noah was diagnosed at birth with Sickle Cell Anemia and throughout his childhood has experienced multiple hospitalizations due to complications of his illness.  While Noah and his family have been learning how to handle and deal with living with this illness, they suffered another blow.  On November 12, 2015,  his life was significantly changed when he was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, a very rare bone cancer.  This diagnosis has been emotionally overwhelming for Noah and his family.  Despite the news, the family is prepared to fight and maintains faith that all thing are working together for their child and family.

Noah is a very “Active” child who excelled in the sport of baseball. Noah played multiple positions (infield, outfield, & Pitcher.  More importantly, he is an excellent teammate and a pleasure to coach! Noah is a ‘quiet storm” on the field and was focused on the sport, never showing a lot of emotion.   Noah was named to the 8u and 9u all-star team for two(2) consecutive years at MARA (Matthews Athletic Recreation Association) before moving on to play travel baseball for Coach Lazaro Santos at Team Carolina which is located in Indian Trail, North Carolina.

Noah is a 5th-grade student at Indian Trail Elementary and has made the honor roll on several occasions.  He is popular amongst his classmates and neighborhood peers and is considered a good friend to others.

Throughout this ordeal, Noah has lost two people who were supporters for him and his family.  Noah lost his maternal grandmother (Krista Wallace)to lung and brain cancer in 2013 after a 2-year battle. He also lost his maternal grandfather (Edmund “Moondog” Wallace) on Fathers Day 2003 due to a fatal motorcycle accident.  Needless to say, this young man has experienced several losses and has endured several traumatic experiences.

It goes without saying that having a child diagnosed with 2 major illnesses is expensive. The costs of treatment, traveling to medical appointments, and medications are costly but necessary.We are having to choose between being present with our son during his medical treatments or working and not being present leaving him to deal with it by himself.  We need your help!!!


We would like to ask that you continue to lift Noah up in prayer as he battles these two challenging illnesses i.e (Sickel Cell and Cancer.  Also, please consider making a donation in support of this cause.  The size and the amount of the donation Do NOT MATTER as we can use any assistance. We thank you for your support and for being a blessing to our family during this difficult time.  Please pray for our strength & join us in this “fight”.

We had people from Canada, Australia, Los Angeles, London, UK, and other parts of Europe participate and donate, etc.  I think we have a slide set showing the actual funds raised on GoFund me and Theo Roach, Noah's father giving us a testimonial and thanking us. Theo Roach or Theodus professionally is a clinically certified, MSW, LCSW, LISW-CP, ACSW, CCSOTS sports, and sex offender treatment specialist psychologist, for his business Oasis Clinical Care.  Theo basically shut down his practice to be with his son Noah through this ordeal, prior and  also a Social Media marketing client

Below is one of the videos we used to promote the Blabathon for Noah, we did the fundraiser on Blab. we had a line up of big Social Media hitters that gave their time and services away for donations to the cause and have a video.


My next reference would be Attorney Gregory Easley, we designed and built him a new website, and logo for his law practice In Chicago, IL  he is extremely happy with is logo and website, actually, he has given me 2 more leads this far.


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