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Overview of Charlotte Socal 360’s  Email Marketing Services?

Why Invest in Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is one of the most profitable investments your business can make because you have complete control over the timing and frequency of your marketing messages.  When your email marketing is properly managed, your email list of prospects and customer is one of the most valuable assets in your entire business.

Why Choose Charlotte Social 360

There is an endless number of firms and consultants providing digital marketing services.

What set Charlotte Social 360 apart?

When you work with Charlotte Social 360, you are working with real people who are passionate about helping small and medium sized business owners.  Our clients are typically about 1 million to about 499 million in revenue.

Here are six reasons to work with us:

  1. We’re An Industry Authority

In addition to providing marketing services, we also provide training on the latest best practices.  More than 23,000 small business owners and marketing consultants subscribe to our email newsletter, and hundreds attend our webinars every quarter to learn our marketing strategies.  Our marketing advice has been featured in guest posting blogs, top business media including Forbes, Inc Small Business Trends and  Business Insider.


     2.We Provide Results

We’re dedicated to helping and small and medium sized businesses profit with digital marketing, and over the past four years, we've helped hundreds of clients create profitable email marketing, search engine optimization, (SEO)  campaigns.

  1. We Use a Proven Process

Whenever we create a new marketing campaign, we follow a detailed auditing and planning process, similar to how an auto mechanic would assess a car in need of repairs, or how a doctor would evaluate you during a physical exam.  We use a very comprehensive process to ensure that your marketing campaigns will be successful – and the results speak for themselves.

  1. We’re Transparent

We practice what we preach.  The same methods that we teach in our newsletters, webinars, and blog, these are the same methods we use in our email marketing, SEO, PPC, ORM and Social Media Marketing campaigns.  And unlike many digital, branding, marketing, etc. agencies, we’re not a black box – we’re an open book.  We also provide detailed reporting every month on what we’re doing and the results that you are getting.

  1. We’re Responsive

We pride ourselves on our responsiveness.  To many businesses, these days don’t return emails or phone calls promptly, and we know how frustrating that can be.  We’re  available via email and phone so that you can get answers to your questions.

In addition to helping you achieve your marketing goals, we want to deliver such a remarkable experience for you that you’re going to want to refer your friends and acquaintances to us so they can experience the same kind of results that you’ve  experienced.

Overview of our Email Marketing Services

Phase 1.  Email Marketing Set up –

 Step 1. Select Your Email Service Provider

The first step is to choose your email software provider. 

❏ Functionalities you want 

❏ Broadcasts 

❏ Autoresponders 

❏ Ability to import contacts 

❏ Ability to use Single Opt-in 

❏ Programs we recommend: 

❏ Infusionsoft 

❏ MailChimp 

❏ Constant Contact 

❏ Aweber 

❏ i Contact


Step 2. Grow Your Email List 

Once you have an Email Software Provider set up, then the next step is to begin building your email database. 

❏ Method #1: Import Contacts 

❏ Double-check that your Email Software Provider allows this (most do) 

❏ Method #2: Manually add new contacts (1-by-1)

❏ At point of sale

❏ When prospects call your business 

❏ Method #3. Add sign-up forms to your website 

❏ Add a "Contact Us" form on your "Contact" page 

❏ Add a newsletter sign-up form 

❏ Add a free offer sign-up form or lead magnet

❏ Free Consultation 

❏ Free coupon 

❏ Free report

Step 3. Write Emails That Get Opened & Get Responses 

To make money with email marketing, you need more than a list. You need a responsive list. You need people to open your emails and then take whatever action you're hoping they'll make happen.

❏ Use a recognizable "From" line (aka sender identity) 

❏ Decide personal vs. corporate 

❏ Use one of these four types of subject lines 

❏ Descriptive 

❏ Benefit-based 

❏ Curiosity-based 

❏ Private (1-to-1) 

❏ Create your email subscriber Avatar(s) 

❏ What results do they want? 

❏ What roadblocks are in their way? 

❏ Demographics: gender, age, income, hobbies 

❏  Always write as you'd speak to your prospects 

❏ Tell stories 

❏ Evoke curiosity & suspense (create "open loops") 

❏ Be consistent 

❏ Frequency 

❏ Structure 

❏ Ask for Action 

❏ Always include a clear, specific call-to-action (CTA) 

❏ Provide Value I can't stress this point enough

Step 4. Automate Your Marketing 

Autoresponders are automated emails that are pre-written and pre-programmed to go out over a particular time frame. Autoresponders are a helpful way to welcome your new email subscribers and follow up with your prospects over the long-term. 

❏ Create an initial autoresponder sequence to welcome new subscribers ❏ Sample schedule: 

❏ Day 1: welcome & deliver value (report, coupon, etc.) 

❏  Day 4: follow-up to encourage consumption & get feedback 

❏ Day 7: free consultation/demo 

❏ Create a longer-term follow up to keep in touch with prospects 

❏ Sample schedule 

❏ Day 30 

❏ Day 60 

❏ Day 90 

❏ Day 180 

❏ Day 365 

❏ Keep it short and personal, and ask direct questions 

❏ Turn off follow-up sequences to individual segments (active clients, for example)

Step 5. Use Newsletters to Build Readership 

An email newsletter is a publication that you regularly send out to your subscribers, ideally on a specific day (or days) of the week, every week – like clockwork. Email newsletters can help to increase your readership and keep your business top-of-mind

❏ Create your email newsletter template 

❏ Personal introduction 

❏ Article 

❏ Promotional section (offer with call-to-action)

❏ Social proof elements 

❏ Recent press 

❏ Testimonial or case study

❏ Create your email newsletter content 

❏ Write articles yourself 

❏ Record yourself, then get recording transcribed 

❏ Recruit guest contributors 

❏ Hire ghostwriters (writeraccess.com is an excellent resource) 

❏ Repurpose your content 

❏ Publish email newsletter articles on your blog, or use your blog articles as email newsletter article content 

❏ Decide on your email newsletter frequency 

❏ Monthly 

❏ 2-3x/month

❏ Weekly 

❏ 2-6x/week 

❏ Daily

Step 6. Use Promotions to Generate Leads and Sales 

Here's where you'll generate leads and sales from your email database. 

❏ 5 Ingredients of Effective Email Promotions 

❏ Audience (select a targeted segment) 

❏ Special Offer (discount or another offer) 

❏ Story (reason why you're providing an offer) 

❏ Call-to-Action 

❏ Deadline 

❏ 5 Main types of Email Promotions 

❏ Survey campaign (to warm up a cold list) 

❏ Lead Generation Campaign 

❏ Flash Sale 

❏ Partner campaign (aka reciprocal promotion) 

❏ New Product/Service Launch 

Step 7. Create Your Email Marketing Calendar 

You'll want to have a mix of email newsletters and promotions so that you retain readership while generating revenue.

❏ At minimum, keep a 1:1 ratio of newsletters to pure promotional emails 

❏ Experiment to find the right frequency 

❏ Avoid excessive churn, but don't be too shy about sending emails ❏ Plan your calendar weeks and months ahead of time 

❏ Allocate sufficient time on the calendar to position/promote the services/products that are. Most important for your business.

Pricing and Terms

We offer a standard package that is appropriate for most small businesses, and we also offer custom plans based on the number of newsletters and promotions you’re looking to send per month.  We also offer lightbox creation as an add on

Standard Email Marketing Package

Our standard package is $650 per month 1 (Setup fee) and then  $350/month beginning month 2 ( ongoing email marketing management).  This pricing covers the creation and sending of 1 email newsletter and one promotional email per month.

We’ll draft the first round of email content (email newsletters, promotions) during Month 1, so we’re ready to send email newsletters and promotions in Month 2.  Then, on an ongoing basis, I'll remain one month ahead of schedule with email newsletters and promotions, so you will always have plenty of time to review and approve.

Optional Add-Ons:

The cost to have us install a light box is $400. A light box includes the creation of a light box sign-up box, thank-you page, autoresponder confirmation emails, and Google Analytics goal tracking for the light box sign-ups.

The cost to have us develop a free report in exchange for opting in on your website is $600.  This includes the creation of a free report PDF, sign-up page, thank-you page and autoresponder, and Google Analytics goal tracking for the free report sign-ups


We require a 6-month minimum commitment.  If you wish to cancel before the six months are up our termination fee is 50% of the remaining balance of the 6-month term.  After the initial six month term, our services are month to month, with a 30 day written cancellation notice required.

Thomas Clark @ (704) 843-0111, email tclark@charlottesocial360.com  and or we can schedule a meeting at your office to discuss further.