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Charlotte Social 360 LLC has been providing quality productions videos in the Television, Film, Radio, Stage, and Print for over ten years.  Our experience in online custom professional video production offerings our clients an incredible video production at the lowest prices ever.  In 2014 we spun off our Video production services into a separate division called Excellent Audiencelocated near Boston, MA.

Charlotte Social 360 LLC’s video media production offers value and accessibility for all businesses – both small and large.

At Charlotte Social 360 LLC, our Video Production and Marketing Services every video you order includes:

  • Videos can be up to one full minute or more - delivered in MPEG4 format.  Standard size is
  • Standard Size 640 x 360 =
  • Upgrade Size 720p =
  • Upgrade Size 1080p =
  • Hi-Quality Sound Effects - Up to 3, single sound effects (including voice over effects)
  • Professional Voice Over - Your choice of our Standard Male or Standard Female (U.S. English) Voice Over
  • Royalty-free Music Underscore
  • Fast Delivery - a Standard turnaround time of 10-14 Business Days
  • Flexible Usage - All Charlotte Social 360 ™ Video Productions include license-free use for email, web (Social Networks, YouTube, etc...), trade show booths, front lobby, just about anywhere you can think of (except television).

We also offer additional options which you can select when submitting your video orders.  To add these options merely contact our sales department via email or telephone.)

 You can select from the following options when submitting your video orders:

Additional Minutes (up to 5 minutes):

  • Additional minutes, if needed -per minute (or any portion thereof as determined by the length of the required Copy Sheet submitted with every order).

Rush Delivery (Per Minute) - Please Note: You will  be emailed an invoice for any additional minutes’/rush charges when applicable):

  • Standard 5-Business Day rush - Receive your video on the 5th Day! (Excludes Weekends and holidays) - $500 per minute (or any portion thereof)
  • Weekend Rush (Excludes Holidays) - $600 per minute (or any portion thereof)
  • Special Holiday Rush - Determined when requested

Upgrade to Larger Sizes (must be ordered at time of submission):

  • Charlotte Social 360™ Upgrade to HD 720p –  or HD 1080p -

Upgrade to Television Commercial Licensing:

  • Local (Broadcast, Cable, and Satellite) – call or contact for pricing
  • Regional (Broadcast, Cable, and Satellite) - Call for pricing.
  • National (Broadcast, Cable, and Satellite) - Call for pricing.
  • International (Broadcast, Cable, and Satellite) - Call for pricing.

Additional Formats (must be chosen at time of submission):

  • FLV -
  • AVI / WMV -

Script Translation:

  • Charlotte Social 360 can translate your Copy Sheet from English to Spanish - $300 per minute.
  • Charlotte Social 360 can translate your Copy Sheet from Spanish to English - $300 per minute.

Premium Voice Over:

  • Looking for a different Voice for your production?  Contact us to discuss your needs (additional fees apply):