5 Week Marketing Campaign (Single)


Extensive Industry Marketing and Public Relations


Social media branding and content assets | Channel optimization

This is the first step any major label will have us take towards building the brand of a new artist. Once you identify your new single or release, we design all channels to be uniform, and then we upload your designs & optimize each platform. Our primary objective is to create clarity within your brand so when people land on your page; they stick around. We include SEO practices on the back end of your channels to help people find you more accessible to the search engines. This will get users to pay more attention to your overall brand. If you do not have a new single or release, we don’t suggest that you invest in marketing at this point.


Our PR Staff will begin to craft your Press Release for distribution

During this phase, we will start crafting your press release for your approval. Our PR staff will ask you to fill out an interview which will allow us to pull content from your background as an artist. We aim to put together a detailed press release so your project will get accepted by more blogs and tastemakers. Once we complete this phase, we will be ready to start with the social media marketing campaign on step 3.

We will send you an interview which we will need you to fill out. We will craft a press release which we will use to submit to blogs & taster makers. You can give us information based on yourself as an artist and how your new single or project came to be.

Once we get your approval on the press release, we will start submitting your new single, press release and profile image to blogs and tastemakers. We have over 250 blogs in our network that we will be sending to in aim for front page placements.



We start a strategic social media marketing campaign

Everything we do to command attention is based on strategy and timing. At this point, we have prepared your brand and received press and blog placements to build momentum. We will now begin a strategic social media campaign which will pull the attention from all areas. We aim to bring in more fans, followers, and overall viewers. Our PR staff will work hands-on to optimize your results during the campaign. The Marketing campaign will run for the remainder of the three weeks until completion.


Strategic Instagram marketing

  • You will see a range of 3000-5000 followers during this campaign


  • We run a strategic follow for follow the campaign that will allow more people to see your account daily and follow you with interest. We target users daily that will see your Instagram that is in your genre, age demographic and that is specific to your brand.


  • You will receive 125-400 Likes on every post you make during the social media portion of this campaign. Range varies depending on how often you post, content, etc


  • We will promote every Instagram video you post during the duration of this campaign. You can expect to see 500-600 views on each video posted.

YouTube Video Promotion

  • We will promote your video by way of blog promotion, email marketing, and ad placement. Your video will receive social shares, video favorites and more.


  • You will receive a range of 50,000 views – 100,000 views to your youtube video.


  • You will receive a range of 2500-5000 Likes on the video


  • You should receive a range of 300-1000 subscribers during the campaign

Facebook Promotion

  • We promote your facebook fan page through email marketing and blog promotion


  • You will see a range of 2500-5000 facebook likes being delivered during this campaign


  • We will deliver 5-15 likes and shares on up to 3 posts per day.


Twitter Promotion

  • You will receive a range of twitter followers between 3000-5000 during the campaign


  • You will receive 15-25 retweets and favorites on each tweet you make during the campaign.


  • Your twitter page will be embedded with the blog promotion campaign to drive more impressions to your tweets.



We launch a radio submission campaign based on your single

Keep in mind that buying radio airplay is illegal, but we work around it. Payola prevents artists from being able to purchase radio time legally which is why you will always hear the same artists playing on the radio. Major labels like to have the control and direct pitch to all FM stations. When you break a new artist, you have to start from the ground up and work the circuit, and that’s precisely what we’re going to do.


While we have your brand getting attention in other areas, we begin to pitch your single to radio stations. We pitch to over 2500 radio stations including FM radio, Main popular radio, college radio, podcast radio, etc. We aim to land placements and get your single picked up. Many factors play a role in their approval process. We suggest having a clean radio version of your song. The good news is that you will be picked up in some areas. At the end of the campaign, you will receive a final report on what stations added your song.


SPOTIFY promotion campaign

In week five we will be adding a marketing strategy to your Spotify streams and followers. While the social media marketing is taking place, you will be seeing more streams and followers and overall attention to your Spotify single. The radio campaign will also help bring awareness to Spotify as people begin to get familiar with your music and brand. The timing of this campaign has to be perfect which is why we have this in the last week. It takes time to build momentum in a brand.





Being that Spotify is the number one music app in the world, that’s where people will go to hear your single once they’ve listened to it on the radio or seen it online. We can never force users to listen or pay attention, but we do everything possible to trap them in marketing schemes and create auto-suggestion. Your brand at this point will have felt a nice amount of traffic and overall brand presence. You will receive a full report from where we started to where the campaign ended in week 5. These reports are great for meetings or sit-downs with labels, managers, etc. Please understand that building a brand takes time and if you’re serious about your career you want to run one single for at least 5-6 months before switching. This campaign is meant to build a solid foundation and jump-start your career in the right direction.