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Charlotte Social 360 (CS360), our global blended shore teams are headquartered in- Charlotte, NC, with offices in London, UK, and our global blended shore digital marketing and software development centers in Sofia, Bulgaria, Manila, Philippines, Chennai, Pune, and New Delhi, India.

Of our entire global team of 297, our games and mobile software development team consists of 197 business and research analysts, web-based, iOS, and Android mobile software application software developers, quality assurance testers.  CS360’s SEO, SMO, PPC, ASO digital marketing specialists, and a post-launch mobile application customer support team for after development and launch support of mobile applications.

Here is the demo of the new app
EDelivery App:


Video Demo and URL Application Links to our UberEATS- Postmates, Grub Hub on Demand Food Delivery Software clone (Dinedoo)

IOS App:

Customer App:
Driver App:

Restaurant App:

Android App:

Customer App:

Driver App:

Restaurant App:

Admin Panel Login Details:
Username: admindemo
Password: Admindemo123

App Short Video Demo:

App Full Video Demo:


Handy for All – Multi-Service Booking Software with new features and updated UI. Check the demo below :

For more information, You can reach our mobile app teams at our emails either or, our website’s inquiry page, Skype for quick & easy communications.
Skype id: thomas.clark9700 (Thomas L. Clark Jr.) Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Charlotte Social 360 LLC, (CS360) is an agile methodology global blended shore mobile application software development team of 297. The CS360 mobile apps team consists of developers, quality assurance testers, launch and post app development customer services and support team.

Charlotte Social 360, (CS360) web and mobile application software development, teams have been offering our informational, eCommerce website development and custom and clone script mobile app software development services since 2011, and our digital marketing services since 2013.

The CS360 mobile application software development, sales, marketing, and client support teams are experts in the business and development lifecycles from

  1. Idea validation and proof of concept
  2. The CS360 development team utilizes the agile software development methodology
  3. CS360 mobile app consulting services expertise spans from idea, investor and investment strategies and software development guidance about when you should consider developing a custom mobile app or using a mobile app clone script.
  4. If applicable to your business plan, idea, a clone script may fit your business’s funding model, time to market, and the cost and development time savings reduced acceptance risk.
  5. CS360 Mobile Application Software Investor and Development Strategies areas.
  6. Should you build a custom web-based, iOS, and Android native and or cross-platform mobile application?
  7. Should you consider a customized clone script, that’s less expensive, shorter development and customization timeframe, shorter time to market and launch.
  8. Should you build a wireframe, or a prototype, and or a minimum viable product (MVP) as a proof of concept and something t show potential investors?
  9. Some of our clients are aware that Custom mobile software development services are much more expensive and take a much longer development timeframe than prototypes, MVP’s or wireframes.
  10. Product and services strategy development
  11. Minimum viable product, (MVP) design and development
  12. Advice on Investor Pitch Preparation
  13. Quality Assurance & Extensive testing
  14. Test Marketing & Launch and Application Store Optimization, (ASO) services.
  15. Launch & Growth Hacking services and advice
  16. CS360 has helped hundreds of our clients through the idea, development, quality assurance testing, launch and post-sales support and app updates business and technology lifecycle phases,

The CS360 software and mobile app development teams build wireframes,  minimum viable products,(MVP), prototypes for phase one of your project rollout, or for testing your mobile app idea before full development, as well as pitch deck and your app to demonstrate at accelerator programs, local and potential national investors.

Investors are willing to risk their investment funds-money for sound business practices, real proven metrics, that you understand and can prove and articulate your ideas and businesses’ unique value proposition.

Additionally, investors above the friend and family investment levels like to see that you have some revenues, real-world metrics from actual clients and reviews in a test market phase, and input to support our clients’ income, metrics, and marketing plans report claims.

There are many initial investment levels; friends and family level, micro venture capitalists, and or venture capitalists investment level, accelerator programs, etc. Please contact our sales department for a mobile apps software consultation at

CS360’s teams’ specialty software development offerings are clone scripts, custom, web-based, native iOS, and or Android mobile software application development services.
The CS360 mobile app development teams are very experienced in the lifecycle from idea, development, launch, marketing, and supporting your mobile application. CS360 has guided hundreds of start-ups, SMB’s and large enterprise clients from investor analysis, development options, marketing, and promoting their application outside and inside the Apple iOS and Google Play stores.

Additionally, CS360 has developed some clone mobile app scripts that can be customized and rebranded to your business branding. Below are some of our most popular mobile app clone scripts:

  1. UberEATS food delivery clone, -Dinedoo
  2. Uber On Demand Taxi-rideshare –  Cabily- there are two versions of our very popular Standard Cabily and our full-featured more scalable Enterprise Cabily Ultimate mobile application software clone script mobile software application.
  3. Etsy Marketplace Clone- Shopsy that you can add the auction feature to make it more Eba like
  4. Contact us at, social media business profiles, or 1+704-843-0111-office or 704-906-5861 mobile, Skype: thomas.clark9700, social media, or Facebook messenger.