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5 Ways Video Can Enhance Your Online Reputation Management


By Thomas L. Clark Jr, Founder, President, and CEO at Charlotte Social 360: https://www.charlottesocial360.com

When a potential customer or client searches for specific services or products, they are often presented with mixed results–blog posts, articles, images, news, and video. While popular blog posts, articles, and press releases may catch some readers’ eyes, videos are quickly becoming the best way to capture and engage the attention of many members of the public. This means that it can be used to enhance your online reputation.

What Kinds of Videos Will Enhance Your Reputation?

Almost anyone can create a video. That doesn’t mean that it will instantly clean up your social media reputation. To accomplish this, you have to put in a little effort – in other words, the content of the video has to be great. You must create branded videos that will attract positive attention from your followers. Some business video content ideas include:

  • A brand explainer video
  • An eye-opening behind the scenes video
  • An educational how-to video
  • A relevant industry or niche news video
  • A face-to-face interview video
  • A socially stimulating live stream
  • An Educational Video
  • A How to Video

You get the idea—your business has a lot of options. Whatever you choose for your first video, be sure to consistently follow up with more video content. If you only make one video, your viewers may be expecting more, even if you can only produce a new video every few months. Also, fresh content tends to outperform old content in search results. So keep it clean.

How Video Can Enhance Your Online Reputation

Just as with any other content you put out to represent your business, services, and products, videos cannot simply be “thrown together.” In fact, roughly sixty-two percent of viewers develop negative perceptions of brands that produce poor-quality videos. So how can one use video to enhance their online reputation? Try the following:

1.Assess, and do some house cleaning, the first step to improving your online reputation is to evaluate your situation. Each person’s online presence is unique — and you can’t improve what you don’t know.
Google yourself and see what comes up in the first few pages. Do the same thing on Bing and Yahoo and Coc Coc if in Southeast Asia, Baidu if in China, etc. you get the point? Are there many other people with the same name populating your search results, or is it only you? Are there any actual web pages showing up about you, or is it all irrelevant and harmful information? Check the images as well and see what kind of visual material shows up for your name.
To keep track of movement in your search results moving forward, you’ll want to sign up for software tools that help you brand yourself. There, you’ll mark your search results as positive, negative or neutral. As you make changes to your online reputation, you’ll be able to easily track your progress and be alerted to any red flags as soon as they show up.

2.Next, use a competitive intelligence tools Social Scanner to review your Facebook and Twitter history and flag any potentially damaging or controversial updates. The tool uses machine learning algorithms to scan for risky terms, phrases, and keywords that tend to get people fired. It allows you to approve tweets and updates that you’re OK with and delete the ones you don’t like.

3.Next, I would, go to a domain provider like Go Daddy or others, and buy up your domain with your full keyword/name in it. Ideally you getYourName.com or whatever it is you go by professionally. If the .com is already taken, then consider adding your middle initial in there or adding a hyphen between your first and last name. If you have a few extra bucks to spend, I recommend getting the other major top-level domains (TLDs) — the .net, .org and .info.

4.Create a video that explains your brand. Even after an individual has become a customer or client, the chances are that they may not fully understand your brand. A simple, professional video that explains your name can draw more people to your site and your business.

5.Create an educational how-to video. Any educational, how-to information is extremely popular among current and prospective customers and clients, as it demonstrates that you are willing to solve problems and provide answers, which can build interest and trust.

6.You should ensure your video has high-quality content. What this actually means is that your video communicates more in less time. A straightforward and useful thirty-second video that provides valuable information to viewers can be far more beneficial than a ten-minute video that drags on.

7.Ensure your video itself is high-quality. Consider renting or purchasing professional filming equipment if your business does not already own it, or hire videographers to come in and film the video. A high-quality video speaks volumes to viewers.

8.Distribute your video efficiently. Of course, you should put your video on your website or blog, and it should be uploaded directly to all social networks and shared with all followers. It should also be emailed to all subscribers with the word “video” in the content line to increase interest.

Once you have created and distributed your video, watch carefully to see how it affects your business. This way you can create more videos that generate the desired results, and eliminate any elements that are unhelpful.

And for people only looking to build up any type of online reputation, Tools like Review Tracker, Grade.Us, ReviewPush, Reputation Loop, Brand Yourself, Reputology etc.are useful tools, that can help you get your name out there. But – that doesn’t mean it’s sufficient for any real online reputation management problems that need repairing. If you’re serious about fixing your problem, get serious, email me tclark@charlottesocial360.com or get in touch with our team of Online Reputation Management and Repair services consultants at http://www,charlottesocial360.com. Check out our services overview video: Video Production Services