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Why You Should Outsource Your Blogging To A Professional Full Service Digital Agency


First let’s agree on the premise that a blog is a mandatory part of your branding, business, and overall digital marketing success. Writing regular blogs should be easy, right? All you need is to find an hour or so (haha) to sit down and get your thoughts on paper. Oh wait, you also need an idea to write about this week, and you’re not feeling very inspired because you’ve been working so hard on that new deal. Now that it’s taking longer than planned and now that extra hours that you thought you had has magically disappeared.

Sound familiar? Committing to writing a company blog is harder than it seems, but in this content dark marketplace, it is necessary. Not only does having a blog bump you up in SEO search results, but it builds up your expertise in the eyes of your audience. People want to spend their money with businesses that are leaders in their industry. Missing a blog from your website dates your web presence and misses the opportunity to connect with your market.

Some think as a business owner or leaders that they can delegate this task to another in-house employee. Our experience is these employees weren’t hired solely for their writing skills and have other responsibilities. I am not suggesting they don’t write well, but they may not have the skill set of marketing, research, content writer or professional blogger. Do they understand the difference between conversational writing and technical writing? Do they know how to craft compelling calls to action? Do they do SEO? Just like you, they also have other responsibilities that often (and should) come before writing a blog.

Some impressive statistics to consider in your decision: the WordPress platform alone has over 50 million bloggers. This staggering amount of bloggers means that not everyone is going to get noticed. You may be passionate about your writing, but if no one reads it, you could be wasting your time and more importantly money if you are using your blog to promote your business.

There is nothing wrong with outsourcing your blog to your marketing firm or full-service digital agency. The President has a speechwriter. Celebrities hire ghostwriters to pen their memoirs. You most likely had help writing the copy for your website. Why should you be expected to produce sufficient content on a weekly/monthly basis for a blog?

Professional content writers may not work in your office, but they have the skills to craft messaging that is relevant, insightful, and properly optimized for search engines. They will take the time to get to know your business and be productive in generating engagement with your audience. Some research analysts, content writers, and most bloggers understand how the internet works, and more importantly how to write for it. If they have worked with you on your website or marketing collateral already, that is a huge plus because they already have a relationship with you and your business. A successful blog will convey new enthusiasm for your company, be consistent in quality, and maintain the brand standards that were most likely set in motion by your marketing firm from the start.

Hiring an agency or marketing firm to write your blogs will not only save you frustration, but it will also save you time and earn you respect and customers. It is time to stop putting off having a blog on your website and show your audience that you know what it means to be an industry leader in 2016.

Blogging is not just writing a bit about your subject; it involves management from the actual writing to uploading content and then on to advertising and marketing which can leave your head in a spin if you are dealing with it alone.

When you multitask, not only will you be burning yourself out but could also find that if you were to concentrate on one thing at a time. Your final product would benefit. Hiring a professional digital agency will allow you to use your own time more efficiently and increase the quality of the blogs and other content.

Here’s are reasons why you should hire a pro agency to look after your blogging with blog content creation services.

Importance of consistency

Many people feel that posting a blog weekly is sufficient, but it has been observed that posting multiple times a week, daily if possible, can bring you up to 5 times the traffic. In today’s busy society posting various times, a week sounds like a lot of hard work, but with the right team on your side, you can make it happen. Publishing and promoting more blogs will increase your traffic which can give your product better exposure.

Leveraging content, research analyst professionals at an agency will give you almost 10 to 20 hours monthly of extra time that you can use for other vital tasks. Consistency is a powerful tool in keeping your audience interested and engaged with your brand.

Produce quality content through research

Although more blogs bring new readers in, keeping the blogs relative and informative is just as important. An expert team can not only write blogs and save you time but write well-researched blogs that engage the users. Quality content is also one of the most important factors for Google rankings.

Design improvement

Standing out from the crowd is crucial when you have so many people using blogs for exposure. Creating blogs that make people want to read more and follow your blog over others is something where digital marketing, content writers, ghost writers, etc. community of professionals can help. They can help you improve your design making it unique. Online just like offline, when someone meets you they formulate a favorable on unfavorable impression, online is the same way, first impressions online are paramount!
Getting a custom design for your blog will help you stand out.

Better task management

By outsourcing the blogging work to an agency, you can have more time to engage with your followers personally. An engaging online presence is critical for making yourself successful online. Let the pros handle the tough jobs so you’ll be free to add your creativity where you should!

You must understand that no matter how productive and creative you are; you can’t do everything on your own. Outsourcing the time-consuming, but essential digital marketing and business tasks to a full-service digital agency like Charlotte Social 360, Let’s discuss your particular situation. We can approach potentially removing it with one of our attorneys, but in our experience that super expensive, and in most cases, it can’t be removed.

For approximately 98% of our clients, who are businesses owners, high net worth individuals, athletes, etc., we get it suppressed deep into the search engines where the majority of people searching won’t go. Let’s get started with a consultation with one of our digital marketing, content writers, and or our online reputation management and repair consultant. Your call to actions is to email, call, DM us on Twitter or connect via other social networks us to discuss your specific situation.

My team and I can be reached @ 1+(704) 843-0111 about your situation, develop a plan of action, it doesn’t hurt to check out what can be done. Email us at Get Started @