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2020 SEO Tactics and Pro Tips for Success


By Thomas L. Clark Jr. – Founder and CEO at- Charlotte Social 360 LLC.

Here are some of the most successful SEO tactics and pro tips, our data isn’t a trend or prediction, it comes from our month to month, and year over year analytics, research with our over 350+ SEO, PPC and SMO clients, our internal use, etc.

So if you implement some of these tactics, you will see SEO results.

Here are some new statistics as of September 2019 based on our research:

  • The average blog post gets a total of 4 or 5 total social media shares
  • Facebook traffic is down 20% since 2018
  • When updating your website, landing pages watch your page speed, its an important Google ranking factor
  • 70% of all online content gets ZERO backlinks
  • Page views are down across the board:


Pro Tip #1 This demands that you, or someone in your business or your agency create ultra-high quality “content assets,” The key to great content is that you create content that educates, and or solves your potential customer’s website or business problems. You should also promote your content on numerous off-site publishers. It important to measure with Google Analytics, it free or other analytics software if your ultra-high content is delivering on your businesses, brands content marketing goals. As long as you watch and measure via analytics, Google, Bing Yahoo, Baidu, and the other search engine algorithms will reward you with higher rankings, their way of letting you know if your brand awareness, marketing-promotions campaigns are working.

Pro Tip #2 Always get into the mindset of thinking about your search engine optimization, (SEO) campaigns from the quality over quantity mindset.  Over the year we have done many SEO site audits and found our clients or their agencies have focused on getting backlinks, instead of focusing on high-quality backlinks.

Pro Tip #3 – To be compensated by Google, recollect forgetting that Google is searching for the most essential for high or low authority backlinks from related sites. Now and again, we see customers stack watchwords like hotcakes, at IHOP, Pancake House or your most loved breakfast-centered eatery. Keep in mind the whole objective of fruitful winning at slogans is to center around an arrangement of exceedingly focused on winnable catchphrases, not just tossing a few watchwords without the best possible catchphrase investigation’s.

ProTip #4 – Let’s focus for a moment on another SEO tactic, user reviews, and how user review help:  Think about what are influencers, micro-influencers, and customers are saying about your business?  If they aren’t saying anything, you are missing a substantial local search opportunity that could improve your local SEO.  When approaching local SEO, put yourself in the mindset, of what assets are valuable to my suspects and prospects and Google.  Google wants to feature the best businesses in its top organic search results.

Pro Tip #5
– Make sure your blog posts, podcasts, videos, infographics, and other content are evergreen, what we have seen, and more right now is that authoritative evergreen content consistently outperforms and gains more shares and links over time
The other search engines and Google are looking for social proof of your business’s performance.  Google My Business is an excellent first step but receiving a positive review on Yelp, and other industry social bookmarking, sites and websites helps not local businesses, but big brands to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

Pro Tip #6 – Make sure your blog posts, podcasts, videos, infographics, and other content are evergreen, what we have seen, and more right now is that authoritative evergreen content consistently outperforms and gains more shares and links over time

Pro Tip #7 – You should focus your content on around voice search meaning making sure your content is question and answer based. The majority of voice searches are questioned based.

Pro Tip #8 Each business needs to use and track blog and social media comments, also conduct needs analysis calls, create members-only resources, newsletter subscriptions, comparison charts, certification programs, case studies, workbook/worksheet, slide presentations, webinars, etc.

How to Get More User Reviews
Here are a few things every business can do to get more positive comments, reviews, however, don’t take a hands-off approach, since you more than likely won’t get numerous or any audits if you do. Things you can do to persuade clients to compose positive reviews, comments, answer surveys.

  • When you thank your customers for arranging using email, PayPal or trader is handling solicitations; you ought to request that they write a review on your Google My Business, Yelp pages, or whatever sites are essential to your businesses SEO strategy.
  • Alongside empowering words for composing an accurate survey on “Google My Business or others,” since they may not be comfortable with the stage. Occasionally, you might need to give exact directions on GoogleMyBusiness, Yelp, and so forth because your client may not be pleased with these sites.
  • (Be VERY watchful how you do this, however; numerous audit destinations, including Yelp, have strict standards for solicitations of reviews.)
  • Make a site frame or website form for clients to submit audits, inquiries, review in which you would be able to be shown on the proper pages on your website.
  • If you have a physical business, keep printed forms at the front work area or in the entryway — with proper directions, if any — that urge guests to compose a review or survey about your business or service.
  • In showcasing correspondence that energizes surveys, request a chance to address any negative encounters secretly as an initial step, yet you should endeavor to manage the adverse circumstance.
  • Try not to get included with counterfeit surveys under any situation. They can prompt extreme penalties from Google, and genuinely hurt your image’s general notoriety.
  • Timing is everything. Make sure your deals and client benefit staffs request surveys when they have tackled a major issue or done anything that places customers in a disposition to share positive considerations.

Your main objectives are to educate and solve your prospect’s business problems while understanding your buyer’s persona and neuro science-oriented motivations to buy your products, and or services.   Some good marketing tactics, if you aren’t aware of what your potential customers want and or need, you should do surveys, Twitter polls, join Alignable, engage and answer questions on Quora, Podcasts, Facebook groups by answering questions and monitoring insights, problems in your niche.

Once more, before you utilize the above strategies or pro tips, you ought to make sure your site is SEO ready, with a solid suggestion to take action, (CTA’s). Besides, and similarly as imperative is to have the significant resources, content, and helpful, instructive lead magnets to develop your email chatbot blaster or another way to build subscribers to build your organic list to set up funnels and retarget them for your products and or services. The most viable lead magnets currently are contextual investigations, correctly using AI, Chatbots and messaging apps, like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, eBooks still work but have been on the decline, cheat sheets, guides, infographics, recordings, white papers, examine reports, and so forth.

You and your digital agency marketing partner must genuinely participate in the Facebook Groups, Quora, Alignable, surveys, and other forums, etc. to truly understand what your customer wants and need.  If you don’t have time, or know how to measure, track and participate you need to outsource this task to someone in the business, and or my agency Charlotte Social 360.  If you want a complimentary consultation, and need assistance contact my team and me @ for a complimentary website, keyword and competitive analysis of your top 3 to 5 local, regional, nationwide or international SEO competitors.